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About the Founders

Wana Wa Mola

Daniel and Mirjam Okiror


The couple Daniel Benon Okiror (from Uganda) and Mirjam Christel Okiror-de Lange (from Holland) have been having a great desire to run homes for streetchildren.

Daniel Benon Okiror

After losing his mother 3 months after his birth and father 6 years later, Daniel Benon, grew up with the struggle of meeting all his basic needs. His Education was becoming impossible to accomplish till he chanced a scholarship in Cornerstone Leadership Academy for his high school and also some student support scheme for his university. (1st degree).Through all this, he developed a strong desire to stand by many other young people who could possibly be going through worse challenges in growing up to ever live their dreams.

Passing through the streets of Kampala to realize a big number of children starving, begging, stealing and fighting for survival …no shelter, food, clothing etc overwhelmed Daniel’s passion to think a lot about what he could do to help.

Having graduated from the leadership Academy, he opted to volunteer his service with youth corps, a  street children rehabilitation programme of Cornerstone Development Africa in order to understand how to start an outreach in the future. This took him 4 years as he also was doing his Bachelor of Social Science degree and Music diploma.

A great coincidence occurred in 2008, when the director of Cornerstone Development shared about the First Federated Church of Peoria in the US who were interested to work with street boys in Mombasa, but were looking for leadership and guidance of a local partner. The Director expressed no interest in expanding Cornerstone to Kenya and since Daniel Benon was willing and able, he recommended him to take on the challenge.

Daniel then begun to carry out feasibility research for establishing an organization in Mombasa to help street children and his recommendations were appreciated by the First Federated Church, who committed to providing a basic budget for starting operations of Wana Wa Mola Mission which was practically implemented in January 2010. During this period, he also met his wife Mirjam Christel as he sought for information concerning the work.


Mirjam Christel Okiror

Mirjam is from Holland and first visited Kenya in 2004 to work in an orphanage. During this time she was confronted by the need of the street children in Mombasa town. She developed a desire to start something for the street boys and after she met a Dutch/Kenyan couple her dream became true. Together with them she started a rehabilitation centre for street boys (Onesimus Boys Centre) in 2005. After the project was established she went back home in The Netherlands. In 2007 Mirjam was sent back as a missionary by her church; Best Life Church for the daily management and evangelism in Onesimus Boys Centre (OBC).

After meeting Daniel and getting married they decided to give out the full responsibility of OBC to the that couple as they concentrate together to develop Wana Wa Mola Mission; A mission for street children.

Daniel gets a stipend and both are supported by Best Life Church in the Netherlands, and by family and friends. Daniel Benon is also a Gospel Artist where he records and performs afro-pop music, African Culural Music and has started a recording studio to enhance his sustainability and that of the project, named Pure Aroma Music and Movie Creations.


Contact Details

Wana Wa Mola Mission

P.O. Box 34108 - 80118

Mombasa - Kenya

Tel: +254 (0) 20 2321076 or +254 (0) 20 2141331

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