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The Survivors Den

The Survivors’ Den is the street outreach programme through which we create and maintain contacts with street children for recruitment and/or direct resettlement back to their families.

The street children get in the streets due to problems at home e.g. poverty, death of parents due to HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and abuse, drug/substance abuse in the family, etc. They come to the streets expecting a safer harbor only to get a worse and cruel life.

Through the street outreach and past experience we have seen a great need with the older boys and girls who require a tactical approach of fishing them out of the street due to their older age and street addictions; sodomy, drugs, alcohol etc.

Currently, we reach out to them at their base (Maboxini), reducing their pain by giving them some food, making music, singing and dancing in conjunction with pure Aroma Music and Movie Creations which also gives some of them to record their street songs for free.

Through the Survivors Den 18 boys have been admitted to our two homes with the most recent house being House of Talent where survivors  live for one-two years to get mentoring training and basic skills of reading and writing, music, dance and drama, computing, sports and creativity, counseling, discipleship etc. These activities target to help them integrate to formal or technical schools in the process of reintegrating in the society. Currently 6 boys live here between ages of 16 and 23 years. Some are in Secondary School and some in internship at a restaurant.

Survivor's DenSurvivor's Den


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Dollar Acc. No.:0203611001,

Euro Acc. No. 02036110023,

KSH Acc.No. 0203611000