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Pure Aroma Music & Movie Creations

Pure Aroma Music and Movie Creations


Music & Movie Creations

Pure Aroma is a charitable record company for music and film, which also signs in, rehabilitates and resettles talented street boys and girls, using music as a positive tool. We offer quality recording services as a way to directly reach out and generate funds to enhance our rehabilitation projects for street children so, whatever money you will pay to book your studio session, get a service or freely give is directly linked to enabling street children find a hopeful future.

Our main goal is to restore African glory through Art. Primarily, we create, produce, archive and promote authentic African music and film, alongside other music / film genres.

There is a wealth of untapped African creativity yet we risk loosing the same because African music was originally transmitted through oral traditions. Music was transmitted from the elders to the younger generation through community festivals and seasons of life. As the elderly musicians are getting extinct, there is a stagnation caused by the agressive infiltration of western main stream media which paints young people with the impression that all what glitters is western, so the young people do not want to associate with African music which they consider primitive!

More over, the elder musicians in Africa live in the rural area where there is no access to quality recording so that they can share their art with the world!

We would like to deliberately engage elderly musicians, provote debates with young people, and create platforms to reconnect our young people with their culture because that's where they will find their identity and artistic uniqueness.

In order to enhance this cross age exchange of musicality and also provide our consumers/fans with avariety of art to enjoy, we have set up a team of musicians to represent all gennres; Daniel Okiror; Afro-Fusion, Dama Bokole; African roots, M16; Contemporary Swahili, H Jay; Bongo, Fmp; Hip Hop, Matilda K; Gospel Worship, Pr Eugine Lubangi; Gospel praise.

Wana Wa Mola Acrobats


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